Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Stalder Family Reunion

Last Saturday we had the Stalder family reunion. We went to a nice park over in Taylorsville down the street from my Grandma Stalder. Here are some photos of the family.
 My cousin Tiffany and her adorable daughter Sawyer.

My Dad :)

Nick and Nathan playing Lasso Golf

 Robin and Aleisha were at the other end.

Uncle Brett and my Mom

Sawyer is one of my Aunt Kathy's grandkids, she is meeting Bella, Tyler's dog.

Robin and Nick showing off his juggling skills. Silly you!

We played couple games of Croquet.

My Uncle Phil is the master of Croquet. He was pretty darn good at it.

This is me, and my extremely white legs! They only see the sun about twice a year. :)

This is the second game. Uncle Brett joined in, he is also pretty darn good at Croquet.

We played a game of Family Feud.

This is Shantai with her son Corver who is also adorable. This is Aunt Kathy's other grandkid.

My wonderful and cute Grandma Stalder.

The rest that were playing Family Feud. 

After we played some games it started to get really windy and dark clouds were over us, so we went to Grandma's house to avoid the rain. We played some more games, ate dinner and sat and visited with each other. It was a very nice family reunion.


Shelly said...

Whoa! I thought you were wearing pants!!=) Just kidding - but with all the time you spend outside, maybe you should invest in a couple more pairs of shorts=) Love ya!!

Brandon and Krystyn said...

haha, the comment above is pretty funny:) Thanks so much for sharing these photos, I miss you!

Hollie said...

Ha ha I have thought about getting more shorts. I will have to next year since this summer is almost coming to an end. I need to call you Krystyn!!

Nick said...

Man look at that form in lasso golf! Stellar by me of course! And then the juggeling...... And then the Hotty with me Robin! Could I be any cooler??

kstalder said...

Thanks for posting these!! Man, I miss you guys!! I have the cure for white legs (cause I was scaring everyone with mine!) it's called self-tanner. :) Wonderful stuff!

That is one of the cutest pics I've ever seen of Joan.

ps who are aleisha and robin??? Can someone please update me???

Hollie said...

Kristy - Robin is Nick's girlfriend, and Aleisha is Nathan's wife. I miss you guys! And I will have to give the self tanner a try. :)