Friday, January 6, 2012

Dave's Wild Pig

Dave shot a wild pig last night!
The picture above isn't the greatest, it was taken with a phone.
Daylon and Dave went to go check the feeder Daylon has set up in Post, which is about 45 minutes away from Lubbock. I was going to go with just to tag along, but I had gotten a wicked migraine by the time Dave got home from work.
They weren't really planning on getting anything when they went out. Dave was going to one of the blinds set up out there, and heard this pig that was trapped in the trap. 

I think the above picture sums up what happened next. 

They dropped it off at Klemke Sausage Haus, a meat packing place in Slaton on their way home. 
I am pretty excited for the sausage, pork chops, bratwurst and pork roast we got coming our way!! 
Now just to find room in our freezer for all this meat........


Kurt and Kristy said...

We have a chest freezer that's mostly empty! ;)

Hollie said...

Hey we might have to come see you when the meat is all cut up!! :) Thanks Kristy!!