Sunday, June 28, 2015

Father's Day Weekend

Father's Day weekend was a fun weekend for us! 
So fun that I didn't take one picture, not even one of everyone at the end of the visit.
 I stole these following pictures from my Dad's phone. 
My parents and my younger brother with his cute little family came up to stay with us for a couple days.
They made it just in time to go to church with us. After we had a big Father's day dinner, and our friend who is working in Roberts for the summer joined us.
We went fishing on Monday, and of course the only one to catch a fish was my Father. I think that is why I just end up following him from hole to hole, at least he catches something. 
We ventured to the Rusty Lantern for dinner one night and homemade pizza the next.
We also played lots of games, watched movies, napped, talked, and snacked.
I was sad to have our weekend come to an end and watch them pile into the car and drive away. 
They should all just move up here already, agreed??
Dad pulling his fish out of the water.

He was a good size Brown Trout, about 15 inches or so. Some of us ate it for breakfast the next morning. Delicious!
Oh, and Happy Father's Day Dad!! You are the BEST Father and I am so grateful you are my Father.

I "mustache" you a question.

Dad found a Caterpillar hanging from the pine tree, which you can see right in front of my face, my cute niece almost ran into it when he called her over to check it out but stopped right in front of it. It is so fun to show her new things she hasn't seen before.

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