Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Look What I Woke Up To

Of course its not a lot of snow, but man is it cold! My weather app says it is 9 degrees!!! And sadly the COLD pipe faucet in the kitchen is frozen. :( All the other faucets work, even the HOT side of the kitchen faucet works. I am hoping nothing bursts! We have a heater underneath the sink to help get the pipe warm. Any one have any other suggestions for frozen pipes?


Eli and Candace said...

HA HA! I just got off the phone with a guy from Texas (I'm at work) and he said the whole state is paralyzed because of the weather! I just laughed b/c it sounds like a regular day to me :) He said they haven't had weather like this since 1969 or something... maybe you too the snow with you to Texas!

Hollie said...

Ha ha weather like this is nothing back in Utah! There is only like 2 inches outside! But it sure is cold! But not any colder then back home, that is why I am baffled why my pipes freeze here but not at home.

kstalder said...

Leave the water on at night, just a drip at a time. That's what my dad would do in Montana.