Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Homemade Freezer Burritos

I found this great idea on the Slave to Save website. It's cheap and easy, and perfect for Dave to take for lunch.

 All you need is:

Tortillas (she used large I used medium sized)
1 package Mexican Style Rice (she used Rice-A-Roni, the Lubbock Wal Mart only had Knorr)
3 cans of refried beans
Shredded Cheese

Now these are the ingredients I used, you could also add:

hot sauce
diced chilies
taco seasonings 
ground beef
shredded chicken

1. Start by cooking the Mexican Style Rice
2. Mix the refried beans with the rice in a large bowl until well combined.

(I know it doesn't look appealing but it tasted pretty good)

3. Scoop a generous amount of mixture onto the center of a tortilla. Top with shredded cheese and roll up, "burrito" style. (It might take you a few tries to perfect your technique!)

4.Wrap the burrito tightly in aluminum foil.
5. Freeze and enjoy as needed! You can microwave these from frozen or thaw them first.

Needless to say I think Dave was pretty excited about them. 
(I got 21 burritos using the medium sized tortillas Slave to Save got 11 using the big tortillas.)

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