Thursday, February 3, 2011

Buddy Holly Center

Today we went to the Buddy Holly Center. 

Did you know he was from Lubbock? Hence the reason they have a Buddy Holly Center here. :)

Today marks the 52 anniversary of his death, he died at 22. 
He sang the songs:
"Peggy Sue"
"That'll Be the Day"
"Blue Days Black Nights"
Thats just a few, he did many more I just can't think of any others.
Since today was the anniversary of his passing you could go to the center for free. Which no offense to the center but I wouldn't pay money to see that stuff, but if you were a die hard Buddy Holly fan this is the place to go! They have his original guitars, his glasses from the plane crash, pictures from him as a baby up till the day he died. It was interesting to see all his things and the documentary was very informative. He is a music legend!

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GTinsdale said...

The BW picture you have posted is NOT Buddy Holly. It's an actor.