Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Chicken Bacon Sandwich

This sandwich is one of my favorites! I love lemon pepper on chicken, and you can't go wrong with bacon and cheese! Not to mention my homemade buns! They were perfect for this sandwich. The chicken comes out so moist and the perfect amount of flavor. My mouth is drooling for one right now!

Chicken Bacon Sandwich

chicken breast
peppered bacon
lemon pepper
cheese slices (cheddar, pepper jack, colby, swiss, whatever suits your fancy)
sandwich buns 

Place chicken breast under wax paper one at a time (I put mine in a plastic ziploc bag), pound with smooth side of mallet (or use a rolling pin) to make in uniform thickness so it will cook evenly. Cut bacon in half, cook in skillet. Pour out grease from pan, pit back on heat (medium to medium low) Add 1 Tbsp. bacon fat back to the skillet. Season chicken with lemon pepper on both sides. In nice and hot pan add chicken breast, cook one side for about 4 minutes until edges are no longer pink. Flip chicken and begin arranging the cooked bacon on cooked side of breast. Add however much bacon you desire (I usually do 4 to 5 pieces). Lay slices of cheese of cheese on top of the bacon. Now cover with lid to let chicken finish cooking and to allow cheese to melt. Melt cheese thoroughly. Don't over do, everything will dry out. Place on a bun, add desired condiments (I only added Dijon mustard, YUM!)

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Christina said...

This sounds great! Delicious combination. :)