Monday, January 18, 2016

Pheasant Hunting

My older brother had this wonderful idea that we should all go pheasant hunting together. It was mine and the Dude's first time hunting pheasant. It did not disappoint!
My older brought his dogs, it was neat to watch them get on point when they smelled a bird!

We paid for 8 birds, after we had sweeped the sunflower patch and another field our total catch was 3. We scared some away and had missed a few. Dad, my younger brother and the Dude were the only ones who had shot one.

After we took these pictures and had cleaned up the birds, the people that owned the placed told us to have one more walk around.
They were so kind they planted two more hens out for us since we had missed so many of our others.

Success!! My older brother got a bird too.
What made the day, was having the opportunity to hunt with my family. Best day ever.

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