Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Dance Recital/Birthdays/Rockettes

This past week I have gone to my niece's dance recital, celebrated Chandler's 10th birthday, Shaylee's 4th birthday and went to see the Rockettes perform with my Mom and Grandma.

My Mom, Grandma and I at the Rockettes

The stage

Shaylee in her cute hat. She turned 4 this year.

Chandler he turned 10

Bart dancing to "Ice, Ice Baby" at Shaylee's dance recital. He is quite the dancer!

This picture is fuzzy my camera really struggles with far away pictures and lighting. But Shaylee sure looks cute in her little tutu!

I always went to Vegas this past weekend! Dave and I went to the National Rodeo Finals and our friends Camie and Nino came and hung out in Vegas with us. I will be posting about that soon!

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kstalder said...

I would pay BIG money to see Bart dancing to Ice Ice Baby.