Sunday, December 19, 2010

Gingerbread Houses

We have a family tradition at Christmas time, we always make gingerbread houses. When I was a kid we use to just use graham crackers but my Mom has started making actual gingerbread homes. She does a lot to prepare for this, a lot of baking, making the frosting, and buying a huge assortment of candy. I would like to thank my Mom for keeping this tradition going, it is always fun! We usual eat pizza for dinner then clear the table for the creativity to start. :) We sure have some creative people in our family, they come up with some great ideas to decorate there houses.

Starting to put our houses together.

Houses are up and starting to get decorated.

Robyn's house

Bart's house

My house (I was not having a photogenic day :))

Nick's house

Blake's house

Shaylee's house

Chandler's house

Caden's house

Robin's house

Stacey's house

My parents didn't make a house this year, they were busy getting icing and helping grankids. Which I am sure without a doubt they enjoyed more then making their own. :)

Here are some more pictures from yesterday night.

This is Blake's new puppy, his name is Baron. He is CUTE!! He's gonna grow up to be a huntin' dog.

Shalyee, Dad and Caden

Robin, Dad and Nick

All of our houses! 

I love family traditions! I am off to another one, the yearly Stalder Christmas party. Merry Christmas Everyone!

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