Sunday, December 12, 2010

NFR Vegas Trip

The weekend of the 3rd through the 5th we went down to Vegas to see the National Rodeo Finals. We asked our good friends the Rogerson to join us. It was a great quick trip!

Camie and Nino

Me and Dave
We ate at Diablo's, they have the best steak and shrimp fajitas ever!

We went to the Las Vegas Temple. 

I met Tuff Hedeman at Cowboy Christmas! I love the movie "8 Seconds"! He was a very nice guy. For having his face smashed in by a bull I still think he's good looking. :)

We struggled to get a good picture of us at the rodeo.

The arena at the Thomas and Mack Center. We were in the nose bleeds, the second to last row. :)

All the contestants

Since we need a new camera A LOT of the pictures didn't turn out well. I will put up the ones of the rodeo that did.

Steer wrestling otherwise known as bull dogging.

Calf roping

Saddle Bronc rider coming out of the chutes.

Tie down roping

I don't remember this guy's name, but he was an amazing horse trainer. The horse had no halter and did everything the guy said to do. He stopped when he said to, came to him when called, trotted and galloped for him.

Even trained the horse to jump into the back of a trunk on its own! That takes talent!

Barrel Racing

Lindsey Sears barrel racing. Sheri Cervi won this round, I should have gotten her video. Both horses are amazing.

These next few pictures are dark, but I wanted to show you how rank the bulls were. The same bull fighter got trampled twice.

Luckily he wasn't seriously hurt.

They were some good bulls to watch.

We went to Pink's Hot Dogs on the "Strip" after the rodeo.

That hot dog and basket of chili cheese fries were delicious! Definitely would recommend Pink's. 

We also made ourselves sick at the Paris hotel buffet. We ate so much food, I was uncomfortable the whole day. 
We also went back to the Paris the morning we left. We were smart though and just ate at a cafe that is in the front of the Paris. That was the best eggs benedict I have ever had! And I was full after, but not disgustingly full like after the buffet. 
It was a great trip, can't wait to go back next year!

P.S. Dave and I will be moving to Lubbock, Texas by the end of January!


Ranie said...

Are you really moving? So sad!!! I hope your big day was great yesterday. I wasn't sure where to go or if I was still invited, but I'm sure you looked beautiful! What is the plan in Lubbock? I hear it is awesome there!- also Vegas looks like it was lots of fun!

kstalder said...

Wow! Didn't know about TX! Can't wait to catch up on Sunday. Tuff + Pres Bush in one month! You're on a roll, kid! See you soon!