Sunday, December 25, 2011

I Hope You All Had A Merry Christmas!!

I hope your Christmas weekend was wonderful! Mine was! We even had a white Christmas here in Lubbock, Texas!

Yes our hammock is still up....

We didn't get to go home for Christmas Day itself, we were able to go home for a weekend this December.

Here is a recap of what we did:

We got to spend a couple of nights with Dave's parents. We got to have lunch with Bonnie, Shelly, Ian and some of Dave and Bonnie's old co-workers. 
Shelly was so kind to take us up to go see Kip and Shannon Howell's son Easton, he was in the Primary Children's hospital for bacterial meningitis. He is doing much better!! He is home and well! 
We go to see all of his family and some friends later that night, except Jenny, we missed you Jenny!! 
We didn't get to see Jamie that night either, but we did get to see her over Cafe Rio for lunch the next day. 
I LOVE Cafe Rio!! 
Once again, I am horrible at taking pictures while we are there. I should Dave in charge of taking pictures all the time.

We made it home for my families yearly making of gingerbread houses.
Here are a few pictures from that,

Blake didn't want to claim this gingerbread house as his.

A working progress...

Oh Chan man is rocking those glasses!

Shaylee looks cute in them.

They all found Uncle Nick's ticklish spot.

The finished houses!

I was debating if I should put up pictures with everyone with their houses, since it will make this post extremely LONG, but you can't really see the detail on the houses.



Nick and Robin's


My Mom actually made one! She hasn't made one in years.

Stacey and Bart's


Dave tried to make is look like a Red Neck's house....

Mine....I really like that my Mom had ice cream cones that I can turn into trees.

We were able to attend my Grandma Stalder's yearly Christmas party.
We had a nice dinner and then we had a Christmas program, we have some very talented people in our family!

My Mom played the flute and Robin played the piano. 

Savannah is an excellent violin player!

Cora played the piano for us.

Sydney, she did great on the guitar! I need to practice on fact I need to find someone who gives guitar lessons....

Aunt Kathy and Madison did a piano duet.

As did Aunt Julie and Uncle Phil. 
Watching the people play piano just made me realize how I shouldn't of taken those years I was taking piano lessons for granted. There was also some Christmas stories read. 

We sang "Must Be Santa". Uncle Brett and Bart were the lucky ones to dress up.

This little guy loved playing in this box full of wrapping paper! It was so cute!

My cute Grandma. 

Me and Dave.
We had a wonderful Christmas time at home, we also had a great holiday time in good ol' Lubbock! I hope you all got a chance to sit back and remember the true reason we celebrate Christmas. 

I hope you all had a wonderful time of the year, and I wish you all a Happy New Year that is fast approaching! 

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