Saturday, June 11, 2016

Garden Update

I haven't posted anything about our garden this year. Fail.
I started everything from seed this year again. I believe I ended up over watering them, causing some not to have a very good root systems when I transferred them to the ground. I pulled some out the containers and the dirt crumbled away right to the stem. I also ruined 2 tomato plants, while trying to pinch off the starter leaves or just trying to put the dirt around it in the hole I knocked off the tops. I was so frustrated by this point! It seemed that nothing I had planted was going to work out. 
The garden is proving me wrong though!

Lettuce, spinach and arugula. This is probably my favorite item in the garden, I love being able to go out and get fresh lettuce.

Beans and peas, this are both bush plants. Though I think next year I will have something for them to crawl up to keep them straighter.

If you look really really close on the left in my crooked rows, you will see carrots starting to sprout. On the right is bok choy! I haven't ever grown bok choy nor really eaten it before, so this is a first.

Cabbage and more cabbage. Also pickling cucumbers and regular cucumbers.

Lots of squash! Zucchini, crook neck, spaghetti and acorn! I staked my spaghetti and acorn. I want them to grow up instead of taking up so much space in the garden. I think though, my acorn squash might be more of a bush than a vine...we'll have to see what it does.

Peppers! I have bell, jalapeno and a hot pepper mix. I lost one pepper plant, but the others are going strong!

Beets! The Dude wanted some beets for Borsch. I also have a friend who wanted some pickled beets, which is good since I planted too many beets for Borsch.

Check out that row of garlic!! My coworker gave me the garlic to plant and I am so glad she did, it has been so cool to watch it grow. I also have 15 tomato plants, including: Early Girl, Big Boy, Jelly Belly, San Marzano, and Romas. I also have 4 Basil plants.

Minus a few plants getting a fungus, I bought a fungus spray which seems to be helping, we are off to a great start!

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