Monday, June 6, 2016

Redfish Lake

Over Memorial weekend we took a much needed camping trip to Redfish Lake.
Redfish Lake is located in Stanley, Idaho. A place where the Dude and I had yet to go visit, and is now a place I love and want to go back!

This was our campsite! It was awesome being so close to the lake.

The Dude was excited to have a fire, he pretty much had one going almost the entire time....almost. That little tent by him was Cosmo's home so he didn't bother the nearby campers.

Oh how I loved that lake! It is so beautiful and so clear!

My coworker let us borrow his canoe, it was a heavy bugger, but well worth taking it along!
With the lake being so clear we saw several fish swimming around. We didn't catch any, which was okay, it was neat just to be able to see them!

Aw, that view......the Sawtooth Mountains are majestic.

He had mixed feelings about being in the canoe. He tried to escape before we hit shore after the first ride. The second time out I had a towel he could lay on and bask in the sun. He also enjoyed lots of goldfish snacks.

I love early mornings when you are camping!! Watching sunrises are the best!

There was lots of nature walks/hikes to go on.

Cosmo enjoyed his time getting dirty.

We really couldn't of picked a better time to go. There wasn't too many people there since we went up on Memorial Day and came home Wednesday. We had the lake all to ourselves on one of the days we took the canoe out for about an hour before anyone else made it out. It was just what I needed, a quiet, peaceful time away from society, media, and every day strains of life. I am already planning my next camping trip here.

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