Monday, September 26, 2011

Lubbock County Fair

I got to go to the fair twice this year. Once with my good friends the Hunsackers, and Dave and I made a trip over there today. Dave couldn't go the night I went with the Hunsackers since he had school. We were able to get in for free both times!! 

This is Kristy, her daughter Kylie and I just before the ride started for the "swinging ship", also known as the Tidal Wave back home in Utah at Lagoon. And yes, I got motion sickness. 
The Hunsacker kids had a blast riding the kid rides! Kristy and I only rode one ride and we were good for the rest of the evening. :)

We had to have some fair food!! 
This is Kristy with her fried Snickers, she said it was delicious.

Yummy corn dogs!! I love Bryson's face in this picture!

They didn't have the animals out yet when I went with the Hunsackers, so when Dave and I went today we checked out what they had.

I had to see the chickens. I would like to have some chickens like this one when I get more. 

These geese were in the petting area, though it said to not pet the geese.

They had some chicks hatching from eggs, that was pretty cool to watch! They are amazing how they hatch and get out of those eggs.

Look at those cute little guys! It made me miss my chickens today.

Dave and I have decided we want goats one day, fainting goats.

Tired little piglets.

Us at the fair, and some random stranger....

We watched this guy milk a cow.

Fresh milk! I want my own dairy cow some day, then I could make cheese, butter, cream....and all those other dairy products that make my tummy happy.

A very large cow!

I love the cattle barn, they all look so pretty and nicely scrubbed.

Just before I got my Strawberry Yummy.

Doesn't that look awesome?!

This is a better look of this Yummy dessert! 
We pretty much went to the fair to eat food today, we also got potato spirals, a fried peach pie, and some strawberry lemonade. 

This was a first for me, I have NEVER seen a camel at a fair before!

Any one up for a camel ride?? 
I would have totally paid to ride the camel if they had been doing rides while we were there. Maybe next year....

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Kurt and Kristy said...

Thanks so much for coming with us!!! We had a lot of fun! I love Brysons face too!!