Monday, September 19, 2011

Snickers Salad

Who of you likes Snickers Bars? Who of you likes fruit?
If you answered yes to both of those questions then I know for sure you will love this salad!
I haven't had this salad in a while! My Mom usually makes it for Sunday dinners, or for birthday dinners. So when they came into town last week I decided to make it. 
It is the simplest salad ever! All you will need is Cool Whip, fruit, and 2 regular size Snickers.
 I love the snicker bar surprises with yummy fruit. 

Snickers Salad
2 regular size Snickers, cut into chunks
2 apples, cut into chunks 
Canned mandarin oranges 
1-2 Bananas, sliced 
1 container cool whip 

Mix all ingredients together.

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