Thursday, October 21, 2010

Pumpkin Carving

Every year my family carves a pumpkin for Halloween, this year Dave and I also carved pumpkins with our good friends the Rogersons. I only carved a pumpkin at the Rogersons, I nominated myself to take pictures while we carved at my parents. I also dug through the pumpkin goop so we could roast the pumpkin seeds. I think the pumpkins turned out great! Some are very original. :)

Dave cleaning out our pumpkins at the Rogersons

Nino and Dave

Camie and her pumpkin

Nino and his pumpkin

Dave with his pumpkin, he asked me what I saw when I look at his pumpkin cause he couldn't decide what to carve. I told him I saw a pumpkin, so he carved a mini pumpkin in his pumpkin. 

Me with my pumpkin, I carve the same face every year. I know I am so creative. 

Our pumpkins all aglow

My family cleaning out their pumpkins. Bart helped Shaylee carve hers, Stacey helped Chandler, and my Dad helped Caden.

Robin and Dave

My Father, oh how I love these photos of him

My Mom, she is so great to plan these fun activities for us to do.

Dave, he was the first one done with his pumpkin

So he helped me go through the pumpkin goop to find seeds

These made for good roasted pumpkin seeds

Robin with her toothy pumpkin

The Fro with his toothy pumpkin also

What do two toothy pumpkins and two people with a great sense of humor make? One classic picture!

Shaylee with her Trick or Treat pumpkin, she looks so cute in her dance outfit.

Chandler with his pumpkin. It is a devil, he sure posed cute for me! :)

Caden with his awesome witch pumpkin.

They turned out great!

The pumpkins in their glory! 
Its a little blurry my camera isn't the greatest with night pictures.

I think I am starting to enjoy Halloween more and more every year. Maybe next year I will even be excited about dressing up! Ha, who am I kidding lets not get carried away here. :)

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