Saturday, October 2, 2010

Wheeler Farm Pictures

A few months ago (I know, I know I am slow at posting stuff sometimes :).) my good friend Lindsey asked me to be her model for a photography class she was taking this summer. We decided to go to Wheeler Farm since it was close and had a lot of things to photograph with. Now I am not model material, I am short, extremely white and haven't a clue how to look cute in pictures, but Lindsey makes me look pretty good in these pictures. 



Anonymous said...

Hollie you must be at least 5'5" to drive that tractor!

Rat Fam said...

Hollie-you are so stinking cute! I love the tractor pic

kstalder said...

I'm with ya white girl! You do realize you will be much less wrinkly than all those TAN people in your old age, right???

Love the pic of you drinking out of the well pump. Cute!