Thursday, March 17, 2011

Outdoor Adventure

Yesterday Dave and I went went to Buffalo Springs Lake to enjoy the nice weather we have been having.

It's not like any of the lakes back home, but it was nice to get out and see what is surrounding Lubbock.

We had a nice little picnic

Me and Dave in front of the lake

Cosmo investigating things

The nice scenery of a factory :)

The rock we got stuck on when Dave tried to go off-roading

The scenery from the top of our nature hike, this area is Ransom Canyon

This is the spillway of Buffalo Springs

Dave on our nature walk

The furball and me, look I am even wearing shorts in public! That is a first!

He was all tuckered out by the time we left

A house we found in Ransom Canyon, I think it looks like something from Star Wars. I am amazed it is still standing with those few supports.

We went to the town drive in later, its a pretty nice drive in!! 

We saw "Rango" and "Unknow", both well worth the much needed sleep I was missing out on.

We had a great time getting out of the house and seeing new things!


Shelly said...

Looks like a fun day! And I am impressed that you guys made it through BOTH movies at the drive in!!! I know I would be asleep midway through the first=)

Nick said...

Ok so first off you should have done some fishing. That would have made the day better. second dave that rock could be bigger but it looks pretty disappointing on that rock. I'm just saying.....