Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Won Tons

I came across the recipe for these delicious crunchy won tons a few months ago on Jamie Cooks It Up. I have been meaning to make the for a long time. I have lots of recipes I have been meaning to make for a long time, you should see my computer file folders, they are loaded with recipes. And I still have yet to make all the recipes in the cook book I made. :) What can I say I love food and I get side tracked easily with new recipes. 
These are a little time consuming, but the recipes makes a lot! About 100 won tons, so you could half this recipe. I didn't so therefore there was too much for me and Dave to eat. We ended up freezing a few little bags of them and we still had some meat mixture left over. I would suggest making these if you are feeding a crowd! The sauce will also last up to 2 months in the fridge.

Won Tons

1/2 head green cabbage
2 onions
2-3 large carrots
1 T ginger
1 1/2 t salt
1 t red pepper flakes
1 lb ground beef
1/2 t black pepper
2-3 cloves garlic
1 egg

2  50 count pkg won ton wrappers (found in the produce section)
flour and water (1 part flour to 2 parts water)

Dipping Sauce:
1 C rice vinegar
1/2 C soy sauce
1 t red pepper flakes
1 t sesame oil
1/2 t toasted sesame seeds (optional)
1/2 C sugar

1. Chop the veggies up super small. We actually put them in a mini food processor, a few at a time to get them the right size. You want to be careful not to turn them to mush.
2. Mix the veggies, seasonings, and hamburger together. Add the egg and mix well. Adam usually just puts his hands in the bowl and mixes it all up that way. 
3. Mix the flour and water together to make a paste.
4. Lay four won ton wrappers out at a time in a square. Dip your finger in the paste and then coat the inside edges of the wrappers with it. You can see in the picture below which edges have the paste on them.
5. Place about 1 T of meat mixture into the center of each wrapper.
6. Fold the edges of each wrapper together, and press so the paste has a chance to seal. Repeat with all wrappers.
7. In a large skillet heat 1 T olive oil. Fry the won tons over medium heat (covered) for about 5-6 minutes. Remove the lid, turn the won tons over and cook for another 5-6 minutes (uncovered)
8. After all the won tons are cooked (we usually have 2 fry pans and an electric skillet all going at the same time to speed things up) pour the Dipping Sauce ingredients into the hot fry pan. Stir to dissolve the sugar. Let it heat through for about 2 minutes. Pour into a serving dish and you are ready to eat. We serve it with piping hot white rice. (I served my won tons with sesame noodles.)

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