Monday, March 21, 2011

Planter Box Garden

Here are some pictures of the little garden I planted:

Here are my planter boxes all ready to go

Dave got hold of the camera and thought I should post pictures of me planting

This is our Topsy Turvy container, Dave wanted to try it out. If you look close there is a tomato plant in the container.

I think I might have over crowded my plants....we'll see how well they do. :) 
In this box I planted 1 Roma, 1 Lemon, and 1 Beefmaster, and 1....not sure of the name but another tomato plant. Those 4 plants are planted in the the back half of the container. The front half, I planted 8 green bell pepper plants, and 1 red bell pepper plant. 
Is it okay to hope the plants that don't have the wire basket will just grow up along the wire baskets around them??

In this box I planted peas along the back, Dave found the metal bars that I think is meant for our back window just laying around behind our house. We decided it would be perfect for the peas to grow on. Then I have 2 rows of carrots. In the very front I have 3 jalapeño pepper plants, 1 Anaheim pepper, and a strawberry plant in the corner.

I was hoping to be able to plant some squash and zucchini, but the garden nursery didn't have any plants. I bought some seeds though so I think I might start them inside, then move them to the flower bed area in the front of our house by the front gate. Hopefully I can get around to that before it is too late to plant them.
I am excited for my little garden! We will see how much of a green thumb I have, and if I can get these plants to survive this Texas heat. :)

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Brandon and Krystyn said...

Go HOllie!!! Go HOllie!!! Wish I had your knack for all things domestic:)