Saturday, July 9, 2011

Barbecue Pork Spare Ribs (4th of July Celebration)

These pork ribs are amazing! 
The longer they cook the better they taste. They were fork tender after the 2 hours that they were cooked in the dutch oven. The few that had bones the meat of the rib just fell off them. They were absolutely delicious! 

This is the simplest recipe to do if you are just learning how to dutch oven, it's one that I don't think you could ruin if you tried! There are only 4 ingredients to this recipe. 1 is the marinade and the other 3 will go in the dutch oven.

They go perfectly with the dutch oven potatoes I posted earlier. 

Barbecue Pork Spare Ribs

5-6 lbs. boneless country style pork spare ribs
(1) 2 liter bottle Coca-Cola
3 sweet yellow onions, thickly sliced
2 cups Sweet Baby Rays Barbecue sauce 

Place ribs in a large bowl and pour coke over them until they are covered. Cover bowl with plastic wrap, place in the refrigerator and allow to marinade 12-24 hours. Pour liquid off ribs. Place one layer of ribs in a 12" deep dutch oven. Place a layer of onions over ribs. Repeat process until all meat and onions have been used. Pour barbecue sauce over the top of the ribs and onions. Cover and cook 90 minutes (I suggest cooking for at least 2 hours or longer) using 12-14 briquettes on the bottom and 12-14 briquettes on the top. 

Recipe Adapted From: Byron's Dutch Oven Recipes 


Cindy said...

Hubby loves to cook 'Dutch Oven', this looks like a yummy recipe. I have a great recipe on my blog for Foil Dinners. Hubby has worked with the scouts for years and has perfected this outdoor staple. I saw you live in Utah--small world so do I!

Hollie said...

I love foil dinners! I will have to check it out. I just moved from Utah to Lubbock, Texas. What part of Utah do you live in?