Tuesday, July 5, 2011

4th Of July Celebration

I hope all of you had a wonderful and safe 4th of July! 
Me and the hubby had a great time with some great friends. I also got to go the Lubbock 4th of July Parade, Dave had to work so I tagged along with the friends.

"The friends" waiting for the parade to start. 
These lovely people are the Bradshaw family. Marybeth is the one I do cooking adventures with sometimes. 

All the people waiting for the Parade on Broadway.

I don't know which I like better, seeing policemen, military men carry the flag or this

all the little kids that were so proud to have a flag to wave.
 I love living in a country that is free. I don't think we realize how great our lives really are here in the U.S.A. 

Have I mentioned that I love John Deere? I have? So you aren't surprised I took a picture of this huge tractor that was in the parade? 

Texas Tech's Masked Rider

Later in the afternoon we and some other friends headed to the Bradshaw's home for some water games to survive this hot Texas heat. We also had  some delicious dutch oven cooking. I will post the recipes for the dutch oven cooking later this week.

We played the water pass along game.

They race to see who can empty the pan that is at the front of the line and get it all in the pan at the back of line. They use cups to pass the water along, some water never makes it to the pan. :)

Then we played the water balloon toss. You take a step back after each time you throw the balloon to your partner and see how far away you can get from each other before the balloons breaks.

I hope all of you got to enjoy this wonderful holiday! 
I hope we remember what a great country we live in, though sometimes it doesn't seem so great we truly are blessed to live in the land of the free and the home of the brave.


Jenae said...

Seeing this makes me so sad :( I wish I was there with you guys! But I am coming at the end of this month! GNO???

Hollie said...

Jenae! I am excited to you see you when come! A GNO is a definite yes!