Wednesday, July 27, 2011

24th of July Weekend Part 1

I hope you will forgive me with the lack of posts. I started a new job, and went home this past weekend, I was busy.

The hubby and I got to go home this past weekend to celebrate the 24th of July in Utah (actually Dave went home Monday to hang out with his family while I started my new job and left Thursday). The 24th of July is when Utah celebrates the Pioneers entering the Utah Valley, its a big to do. There are lots of events going on and a lot of fireworks just like around the 4th of July.

My Mom rented a house from my Uncle down in Mount Pleasant for the weekend. I love that area of Utah, it is beautiful. Right after I flew in on Thursday, the hubby and I made our way down that way. Of course we had to stop for a Cafe Rio chicken salad on the way. 

When we got to Mount Pleasant, we headed to the next town called Fairview to watch the kid rodeo that was going on. Some of my family was already there watching.

Robin and Nick

My parents 


We brought the furball along for the trip, he growled at the wandering steers.

The rest of my family got in around 2 A.M. that night.

We went fishing at the lower Gooseberry Lake and stream up Fairview Canyon.

Dad with one of his catches, I miss following him hole to hole to find the big fish.

Blake quietly focused.

So beautiful, I love it.

Robin with one of her catches of the day.

Chan and his nice little rainbow trout.

We went slip and sliding

Apparently I don't remember how to slip and slide, I belly flopped my first time down the slide.

I forgot a swim suit, it sure felt nice to cool off even fully clothed.

Since this post is long, I will post the remainder of our trip home tomorrow.
 Oh how I wish I was back where there was grass and green plants. 


Daryl & Gayelene said...

Utah became a State in January. WE celebrate the 24th of July because that is the day the Pioneers entered the valley. Just thought you should know

Hollie said...

Ha ha ha I will correct that! I didn't think I was right even while I was writing that! Thank you! :)

Hollie said...

Pretty sad I don't remember that, history was my favorite subject. :)