Friday, April 22, 2011

Update On My West Texas Garden

My garden is.....surviving, that is a good way to put it. Some of my plants are doing quite well, others....not so much. The hot heat and strong wind that blows here in West Texas is a little too much for some of my young plants.

Here is one of my planter boxes, you will notice the dried up leaves on a couple of plants. If you look real close in the back you can see my peas growing like weeds! :)

This is one of my jalapeño plants, the leaves are drying up from the wind. At least that is my conclusion, cause I water my plants 3 times a day cause of the heat.

This little guy is one of my other jalapeño plants....yeah its dead. A weed is also in this picture! Blast those weeds. I ended up pulling this plant out, and also the weed.

This is my strawberry plant, I am not sure if it is going to make it. I sure hope it does, I would love to have some fresh strawberries picked from the vine.

The carrots are still going strong! Dave is looking forward to dipping them in ranch dip. He is also looking forward to these:


I am hoping they will reach out and start growing up the metal grate I have placed behind them.

This is my other planter box, I have pulled a couple of plants that died from this planter box as well. 

I have tomatoes!! This little guys are growing on the lemon boy tomato plant. I love seeing stuff grow!

This is the topsy tury tomato plant. I was thinking this plant would be the first one to have some tomatoes, but I was wrong.

I also have a new addition to my little garden. 

I needed basil for some pizza I am going to be making next week, basil is expensive for just a few leaves. Dave saw this plant at Sun Harvest which was just a dollar more then the little container of the stuff. 
We didn't plant it outside, I didn't want the leaves to burn to a crisp since it is suppose to get just partial sunlight. So we are keeping it inside, on an old plate, and I move it to sit in the sun for a little bit then move it back to its new spot on our so called pantry. 

Over all, I would say things aren't turning out quite like I thought. But there is progress none the less! This is going to be an ever on-going learning experience for me. I am enjoying it, and can't wait to see what is in store for me by the end of growing season!

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