Monday, April 25, 2011

Texas Wild Fires

    For those of who you who are interested in the wildfires going on all over Texas, this past March was the State's driest March on record. On my flight home I was talking to a nice rancher from Post, Texas, who said his some of his neighbor's cattle was consumed by the fire. They got cornered in by a fence and had nowhere else to run to. We are desperate for rain here. The high winds and with just mainly dry brush to burn the fires move quickly.
Dave said you could smell smoke in the town the day before I got home. From the window of the airplane I could see some damage the fire has done around Lubbock.
 I was sent a link yesterday to some pictures. It is the website of the Atlantic Magazine Take some time to look at them, they are very interesting. It is crazy how the fires have destroyed so much in such a short amount of time. My prayers are with the families that have lost their homes and livestock. My heart also goes out to the family of the volunteer firefighter that passed away in the fire. 
There was even some wildfire firefighters from Utah in a picture, I am glad to see we are getting help from close by states.
Here is a preview of one of the pictures:

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