Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Our Weekend In Lubbock

This past weekend was a fun one for the husband and I. We were able to go see Miranda Lambert in concert. She is touring with Josh Kelley and Justin Moore. It was a very LOUD concert, my ears were ringing long after the concert! It was a good concert though! We enjoyed the music and spending some time together. 

This is Josh Kelley.
These pictures aren't the greatest. Our camera struggles big time with pictures far away! This one is off of Dave's phone. 

Justin Moore

Miranda Lambert, she was hard to take of picture of, she is always moving!

On Saturday we went to the Ranching Heritage Museum on "Kid Day". :) 
I'm a big kid at heart. We weren't the only couple there without kids either. 
This place was really cool! It is full of history. Which is right up our alley, we love history. 

Not sure if you can even read this....

I love cowboy statues, this is of Bill Price.

Dutch oven cooking!!

An oil rig

A Texas native!

There were offering horse rides!! Alas I think I was a wee bit too big.

I am beginning to have a fondness for windmills...

there is just something about them.

Now this would be a sweet smoke house!

One of the 3 chuck wagon stations. They were making delicious biscuits at one of them.

They were demonstrating how to buffalo hunt

This guy was showing how to make bullets for the guns.

These are the bullets.

This guy was a good banjo picker!

This is Ray and his horse Reno, he was showing how to handle horses.

We loved this part! We stayed and watched his whole presentation and talked to him for about 20 minutes after.

Taking a roll in the dirt.
Oh how I want a horse!

For anyone that is willing to come visit us in Lubbock, Texas we will definitely take you to the Ranching Heritage Museum!! 

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Shelly said...

Miss you cute little country bumpkins! Can't wait to see you next month! I've got a comfy guest room if you need a place to stay:)