Monday, October 17, 2011

Dust Anyone???

Well I can say after today I have enjoyed Lubbock to it's fullest potential!! 
We had a massive dust storm move in, and when I mean move in, it moved in FAST!!! 
Dave and I were busily cooking dinner, and since we don't have a good front window we didn't even noticed the dust cloud, more like dust tidal wave, until it went almost completely dark in our kitchen.
We weren't even quick enough to grab the camera until we were engulfed in it!

We didn't touch up this photo, it was that orange outside!
When Dave came back in he was covered with dirt!
I am sad to say I left my window just barely cracked during all of this, I though I had rolled it up all the way. Our car got a good dust bath, inside and out!

Here are some pictures I downloaded off the internet to show more of the dust storm since we just got the one.

The dust tidal wave on it's way into town.

These football players don't even seem like they know they are about to be engulfed with dust. I hope their mouths weren't open when it hit them!

A great wall of doom!!
I seriously thought we were going to die there for a minute. 

What a fun memory to have about Lubbock!
Now to clean out the dust that came through the cracks in my house, and the dust that so nicely blew through my car!

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