Sunday, October 16, 2011

So Good To Be Home!!

For the past 2 weeks I have been in Houston for training for my job. I wasn't able to come home to Lubbock during the weekend I was in Houston. There was a Texas Tech game going on and the flights were all booked. 
I did however make it home to Salt Lake City and surprise my folks for the day! I also surprised my Grandma and Dave's parents. This is a huge thing for me, I am not great at keeping my own surprises. 
That is why Dave found out 4 months in advance that we were going to a Don Williams concert this coming weekend, I blame him for ruining it though. :)
Any way, I finally made it back home to Lubbock this past Friday. I have been very homesick for my Husband and the little Furball. It has been nice to get back in to my routine, and to get back to home cooked food!
I think I gained a few pounds from all the take out food and from just having to sit all day. Though I am proud to say I did get a couple work outs in at the hotel gym! Go me! 

I was sad I spend 2 weeks of my fall season in Houston. I have been really excited to do some fall things! One of those was apple picking.
I have been dying to go the apple orchard in Idalou and pick some apples to make homemade apple sauce and apple pie filling.

We were able to pick Red and Golden delicious apples, there were no more Fuji or Pink Ladies. Next year I am going early to get the Pink Ladies!
Sadly I don't think we ever made it over to the apple cannons, it was HOT for the middle of October. I believe it was around 85 degrees. That does not suit for me fall weather! 

Dave with our bucket for the apples.

Marybeth and her cute little family joined in on the apple picking.

Me with a perfect Red Delicious apple!
Well as perfect as we could find, most the apples where on the smaller side, I think all the bigger apples had already been picked over.

Dave found a perfect apple too!

The Bradshaws, they are such a great family!

The Hubby and me.

We didn't get enough apples to be able to make applesauce and apple pie filling, so Marybeth and I decided we would give making the applesauce a try. 

There was a sweet cotton field across the street.
I love the cotton fields when they are ready to harvest, they definitively have a unique beauty about them.

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