Thursday, October 6, 2011

An Unexpected Visitor In Houston

I have been in Houston, Texas for training this week for my job. I was sitting in class today when my good friend Ranie text me to say she was stopping in Houston for a layover on her way back from a business trip. She was just telling me that she was going to be in the state of Texas since she thought I was still back home in Lubbock. She was surprised to find out I was in Houston as well!  

How crazy is that, that we randomly happened to be in the same city at the same time?!

 We decided we need to meet up.
After class I took the hotel shuttle bus back to the airport and waited on the other side of security for her, just so she could come out say "Hi", take a picture for photographic evidence, and talk for a little bit. Then she headed back through security to catch her connecting flight. 

I felt like I was home for a few minutes, it was a great feeling!

It was so good to see you Ranie!!

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Ranie said...

Hi Hollie! I'm so glad that we got some photographic evidence... because I still think it was the luckiest thing we got to see each other! Hope your training isn't too horrible. I have seen some pretty funny walmart scavenger hunt ideas online if you get super bored. I think that could take up 3 hours of time! It was so good to see you too! You should fly home soon!