Sunday, October 23, 2011

Road Trip to Durant, Oklahoma (Don Williams Concert)

I can cross an item off my bucket list since I was able to attend a Don Williams concert this past weekend! It was amazing!! I am already considering going to see him in concert again.
The hubby, I, and the furball drove to Durant, Oklahoma to attend the concert. Durant is about 5 hours away from Lubbock. We were both ready for a road trip and some quality time together. We noticed that once we got past Crosbyton, TX there was lots of green grass and trees!! I wouldn't mind living out that way.
We also saw the 6666's (4 6's) ranch, that was pretty exciting to me. I have read about them in the Western Horseman Magazines I get. 

Sadly we didn't pick a good place to eat for dinner, we didn't notice they had a Rib Crib until we were on our way to the Choctaw Casino Event Center. We will know for next time though!

I was pretty excited for this concert if you can't tell from this picture.

These tickets were proudly displayed on my fridge since July.

I had to get up during the concert and go in the aisle to get a good picture of this talented man since my camera wasn't cutting it from where I was.

I LOVE his music!!
 If you ever get a chance to go hear him play I would highly suggest it. He is a good old southern boy, who doesn't do a lot of talking during his concerts. He just likes to sit and play, I am so going to go see him again!

Since Durant, Oklahoma is about an hour and a half, give or take, away from Dallas we decided we would drive home through it on Saturday. We stopped at 2 Sears stores and found a Cannon camera body for cheap. That is right folks I am getting a new camera!! HOORAY!! 
It's about time isn't it? They couldn't find the camera lens that went with the body so we are in the process of getting one, so it might be a bit until I can actually use it. I am so excited to use it!!

Can anybody guess what that big dome building is??
That is right, we went to check out Cowboy Stadium.

Dave was pretty excited to be here, he was hoping we would stay another day so he could attend the football game. He wasn't so lucky.
We weren't so lucky to get to go on tour either, apparently they were sold out. Yet it was only 3 and the tours stop at 6! Hmmm.....

We had fun in the pro shop though, don't you think Dave should have bought this Cowboy hat? I think he would of, had it had a Colts symbol in it. :)

Well here we are at the World Series, game 3 was at Ranger Stadium.
Unfortunately.....we didn't have tickets to get in.
This stadium is right across the street from Cowboy Stadium, I think that is why Cowboy Stadium was sold out for tours. All the people that were there for the game were touring the football stadium while they waited for the game to start.

We were lucky to make it the National Cowgirl Museum before it closed for the day.
This museum was awesome!! They have a lot of cool things for kids to do, and is full of cool artifacts and pictures of amazing cowgirls.

We couldn't take pictures of the inside so we took a picture of the statue out front. I highly suggest this museum if you are ever in Fort Worth, Texas.

I need to thank myself for all those countless hours I have wasted watching shows on the Food Network. If I hadn't I never would have heard about Fred's Texas Cafe when it was on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives.

I was enjoying a delicious blue cheese burger.

Dave is about to bite into his bacon, mushroom burger. Those were some of the best mushrooms I have ever had!

Once again, I would also suggest trying Fred's Texas Cafe, they serve some pretty delicious grub.

We decided not to stay a night in Dallas and drove home that night. We rolled in this morning around midnight. It was a quick trip, but it was much needed time away from home and work. 
We also decided we are never moving to Dallas. Too much traffic for our liking. But we might make a trip back out to Muenster, TX, it looked like a fun little town that might have some good German food for us to try. 

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