Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Garden Watering System and Progress

I am sad to say I have lost quite a few plants dew to this darn wind that won't stop blowing and extreme heat (it has reached over the 100 degree mark several times now) here in Lubbock.
I will show you the water system we decided to try since we have had to drive home, and will be driving home again. We got a timer for our water to go off every 6 hours and water for 10 minutes through some black watering tubes.

It looks a little messy, we probably over watered a little while we tried to make sure everything worked.

This planter box gets plenty of water with this new system.

We snaked it through all the plants to make sure it watered all of them.

We  even had it rigged clear out to the topsy turvy, which by the way my roma tomato plant that was in there broke off just a couple days after we hooked up the water system. I think it was getting heavy, and with the wind blowing the way it was it just snapped off. It even had a tomato! Blasted Lubbock weather.

The timer, so far it has worked well. 

The carrots seem to be doing pretty well. We planted 2 rows and we only have 2 bunches of carrots growing.

I have ONE pea plant out of whole row a peas, and I will be lucky if it survives! You can tell it is drying out in places and you will notice the dead pea plant just to the left of it.

The tomato and green bell pepper plants seem to be doing well. Expect one tomato plant in the back left, it just doesn't seem to be growing at all. It is just a little bit bigger then the day we bought it.

Roma Tomatoes!!

Lemon boy tomatoes!

 David says they have a sour lemon taste to them.

Cosmo tried to eat one of the romas that had gotten wind blown.

There is lots of bell pepper blossoms!

Jalapeño plants, they aren't doing as well as I would like.

 And last but no least, my strawberry plant. Snff am I suppose to make fresh strawberry jam now?! 

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Kurt and Kristy said...

Yours looks almost exactly like ours! It's so sad!! I love your watering system though!!!