Saturday, June 4, 2011


This past Friday night we went with some of our friends to Lubbock's local amusement park called JoyLand.
Its not a very big amusement park, but just a good size for good ol' Lubbock.

Me and Dave waiting to take off on a roller coaster.

Our friends in front of us, I think Daylon is cringing because he had hit his hand on the white bar to the right.

Daylon, Shayla, and Dave after the tube water ride.

Me after the tube water ride.

Shayla made her own water puddle.

This ride made me ill, in fact I am not feeling to well looking at this picture.

The Wild River log ride, that is us in the log.

This ride takes you up and drops you, I wasn't going to go on it....

Then I gave into to peer pressure and rode the ride. It lasted a whole 5 seconds. It's definitely not like The Rocket at Lagoon in Utah.

After that we rode another water slide ride, Blake (Shayla's cousin) got dumped in the water twice, and Dave fell in once. The water was nasty! We washed his clothes as soon as we got home.
The last ride we rode was the Music Express, Dave USED to love that ride. We both got really sick on it, so we called it a night after that.
It was a very fun evening with some great friends!

Now we off to Utah to go home for my younger brother Nick's wedding, HOORAY!!

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kstalder said...

Me thinks as you get into old age you can't handle those roller coasters anymore! :)