Saturday, June 11, 2011

Robin and Nick's Wedding

Well we made the LONG drive home to see my younger brother Nick marry that wonderful gal named Robin.
 (It was well worth the LONG drive, I would do it again in a heart beat!)
It was a beautiful day back in good Ol' Utah! A perfect day for those two love birds to get hitched.
Here are some pictures from the trip:

I took this picture as soon as we got into Monticello, how I have missed them so!

Dad and me waiting outside the Mount Timpanogos Temple for the bride and groom.

Here is my Mom (she is on the far left) all of her sisters, my Grandma, and last but not least, my cousin Spencer.

They got hitched! 

Dave and me

The dessert table at the luncheon, those cream puffs are to die for!!
In fact, my Mom was nice enough to give us some for the road. They work well for breakfast as well.
All the desserts were amazing, thank you to those who shared their wonderful cooking talents!

Robin's sisters and Dad performed at the luncheon. This is just a small clip of the song. They did a wonderful job!

Nick and Robin, don't they look amazing?!

Me and Dave at the wedding reception.

 Look at this handsome fellow, this is my brother Blake.

My cute Grandma.

The wedding turned out beautifully! I wish I had taken more pictures, but I figured the photographer was doing a much better job then I was. :)

The next day we left at a bright and early time of 4 P.M. to head back to Lubbock. We would have left a lot sooner but the explorer on the trailer was giving us trouble. 
We didn't make it home till Midnight the next night. I would NOT recommend pulling a heavy trailer, we were able to go 55 the whole way home. Terrible.
But, we made it safe and sound. Now I am ready to go back, I enjoyed not having dust in the air, the lovely temperature of 85 instead of 102, and the mountains surrounding me. Plus, it was kind of a quick trip. 
Luckily we will be going home in July!!

Congratulations to Nick and Robin again!! I wish you guys the best!!

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kstalder said...

I'm so glad you posted the wedding pictures. I hate missing these events! But not much longer! Glad you will be in town in July. PLease stop in! We'd love to see you. Tell Blake he looks so "dapper"!:)