Friday, June 17, 2011

Is It HOT Enough Yet?!

So the past few weeks in Lubbock, Texas so say the least have been awful!!! 
We have been over 100 degrees for a while now. Yesterday was 106, today was 107!!! 
Honestly, who can function properly in 107 degree weather?! 
I thought it was hot enough to fry an egg,

Apparently it's NOT hot enough to cook an egg. I could have sworn 107 degrees would be hot enough on the sidewalk that has been in the sun all day. 

This is what the egg looked like after and hour and a half in the sun. 
Maybe I will have to try it again but on something black that has been in the sun for hours.

Some things I have learned since being in this heat:

1. Bananas will go completely black after 4 days. I need to make sure to keep all fruit in the fridge. 
2. I am sticky all day long from sweating.
3. I need a pool if I plan to stay here the rest of summer. 
(I will be staying but  the only kind of pool I can fit in my yard is a kiddie pool. I would gladly take one!)
4. My cooking has slacked off a bit cause it is too hot to cook, inside or outside! 
5. Dave and I are breed for mountain weather! 
That or I am going to seriously need to invest in some shorts. 
(I only own 2 pairs, and one is falling apart.)

Even amidst this hot drought weather we are going through we are throughly enjoying our stay in the great state of Texas! 

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